Premature Children: What is corrected age and how does it affect your schooling?

La Asociación de Padres de Niños Prematuros plantea que haya flexibilidad con estos pequeños, pero que siempre se cuente con asesoramiento profesional

Carolina García, D M&P, El País, 24/01/2019

The birth of a premature baby occurs ahead of time, exactly so that the newborn is considered as such has to be born before the 37 week of gestation. Apart from the physiological problems and immature development at birth early, another problem that can be faced by parents is at the time of schooling the children. A troubling situation for some parents and deserves a mention in this International Day of Education.

Here is when the terms chronological age and corrected age appear, which, as explained from the Asociación de Padres de Niños Prematuros (APREM) Its President Concepción Gómez Esteban, “the chronological age is that of birth and the corrected one refers to that if the boy or girl comes to the world prematurely, for example, in the month of December, at 32 weeks of gestation, also it is counted all the time that passes fuer A of the uterus up to 40 weeks or what is considered a term pregnancy. ”

“The corrected age”, he goes on, “is always considered in the case of the large prematurity (born before the week 32) and the premature extremes (before the 28). The Specialist is observing the developmental milestones of the small-like holding the head, crawling…-Until two years, or two and a half years.

What happens to the schooling of these great prematurity?

A few days Ago, you could read on the platform The history of Mar Gonzalo, who made a request to the community of Madrid to respect the corrected age of their twins. “My children were extracted from my womb in a month of December, seven months pregnant. His gestation continued in an incubator for two more months, until February. Now that they have grown up, they are forced to go to school as if they were from the year they left my womb (according to the official birth date), when in fact they would have to go a year later (according to their corrected age, when they finished their gestation) ” , explains this progenitor.

For women, this situation can seriously affect the development of their children, “this situation obliges them to leave the diaper a year before the rest, to face the” Cole of Elders “a year before, to go to class with companions much more developed than them-who already know Talking, painting,…-. Throughout their educational trajectory they will be subjected to extraordinary pressure that can undermine their self-esteem and mark them for life, “he continues.

Gonzalo asks that he be allowed to school his children according to his corrected age, something that he recommends the Ministry of Education and that many autonomous communities already have a measure that allows it, such as Baleares, Murcia or Castilla-La Mancha, among others. Aragon was the first to put it into motion. The request of this mother carries 1,282 supports of the 1,500 of the required ones, at the end of this article.

“It Is true that parents who have premature children born in the last trimester are the hardest hit. They’Re schooling their children ahead of time. Although There are also many parents who disagree with applying the corrected age, “Gomez explains. “Our goal from the association is to have a law that allows for flexibility, that is, that parents and large premature children have the option of schooling according to their corrected age. But Also, we propose another point, that this decision should be taken by an expert adviser who knows the milestones and development of the child. ” For example, in Madrid there are Primary Care groups for children between the ages of 0 and 6 who would be the ones who would appreciate this situation. And the thing is moving.

On February 7th, the group May present a non-law project in this respect, “fully supported by APREM”. The goal is not to “stigmatization these children for the mere fact of being premature,” Gomez concludes.

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